Gravitic Redirector (PL 8)

A refinement of the induction engine, the gravitic redirector creates a gravitic singularity—essentially, a sub-microscopic black hole—in the vicinity of the ship, producing a constant pull on the ship. By changing the location of the singularity relative to the ship, the pilot can change the direction of the ship’s travel. The gravitic redirector is more powerful and more efficient than the induction engine, and at the height of the technology’s heyday, virtually foolproof. A gravitic redirector does not operate within a planetary atmosphere, and most ships fitted with this kind of engine also have secondary thrusters or rely on shuttlecraft.

Minimum Ship Size: Colossal.

Tactical Speed Bonus: +1,500 feet (+3 squares).

Purchase DC: 10 + one-half the base purchase DC of the starship.

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