Particle Impulse Engine (PL 7)

The particle impulse engine is the next evolutionary step of the PL 6 ion engine. It uses magnetic fields to produce a constant stream of high-energy particles, as well as to provide vectored thrust. The major advancement of the particle impulse drive over the ion drive is that the particle impulse engine uses a negligible amount of fuel, which it also manufactures. The drive’s reaction is so efficient that the tiny amounts of matter present in interplanetary or interstellar space can be collected through weak magnetic fields and converted into a thrust medium. Better still, the particle impulse engine is capable of atmospheric entry. It causes some damage to any surface close to its exhaust ports, but nowhere near as much damage as PL 6 engines do.

Minimum Ship Size: Gargantuan.

Tactical Speed Bonus: +1,000 feet (+2 squares).

Purchase DC: 10 + one-half the base purchase DC of the starship.

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