Spatial Compressor (PL 9)

The most advanced engine available, the spatial compressor surrounds the ship in a field that “folds” or “wrinkles” the fabric of space in the direction the pilot wishes to travel. This results in a continuous series of micro-jumps in which the ship flickers into and out of reality, teleporting thousands of times every second.

Since the ship has no intrinsic velocity (it’s stationary while it teleports), the spatial compressor can instantaneously stop or change direction and thrust vector without any maneuvering whatsoever.

However, the engine still needs to build up cyclic speed to increase the frequency of its microjumps, so it accelerates normally. The spatial compressor requires a lot of power, but no fuel. It is safe for atmospheric flight.

Minimum Ship Size: Colossal.

Tactical Speed Bonus: +2,000 feet (+4 squares).

Purchase DC: 10 + one-half the base purchase DC of the starship.

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