Fleet Carrier (PL 6)

The fleet carrier has the ability to launch devastating attacks from millions of miles away, in the form of large numbers of fighters or assault fighters. Most fleet carriers are lightly armed, as they rely on their escorting vessels and payload of fighters to defend them against attack.

In addition to its normal cargo capacity, a fleet carrier can hold 16 fighters or assault fighters. Its listed crew complement does not include the ace pilots who fly these fighter craft. (Pilots count against the passenger capacity.) A fleet carrier can deploy up to 4 ultralight craft as a move action.

Type: HeavySize: Colossal (–8 size)
Subtype: Fleet carrierTactical Speed: 3,000 ft. (6 sq.)
Defense: 11Length: 1,400 feet
Flat-footed Defense: 7Weight: 140,000 tons
Autopilot Defense: 7Targeting System Bonus: +3
Hardness: 30Crew: 320 (expert +8)
Hit Dice: 500d20 (10,000 hp)Passenger Capacity: 80
Initiative Modifier: +6Cargo Capacity: 40,000 tons
Pilot’s Class Bonus: +5Grapple Modifier: +16
Pilot’s Dex Modifier: +4Base Purchase DC: 72
Gunner’s Attack Bonus: +4Restriction: Military (+3)

Attack: Battery of 5 neutron guns +3 ranged (6d8/19–20) and 2 batteries of 2 CHE missiles –5 ranged (6d12/18–20)

Attack of Opportunity: Point-defense system +3 ranged (4d12×10)

Standard PL 6 Design Specs:

Engines: Fusion torch, thrusters

Armor: Vanadium

Defense Systems: 2 chaff launchers (8 chaff bundles each), 2 decoy drone launchers (4 drones each), improved autopilot system, improved damage control (5d10), magnetic field, point-defense system, radiation shielding, self-destruct system

Sensors: Class III sensor array, targeting system

Communications: Laser transceiver, radio transceiver

Weapons: 1 battery of 5 neutron guns (range incr. 5,000 ft.), 2 batteries of 2 CHE missile launchers (4 launchers total, 16 missiles each)

Grappling Systems: Grapplers

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