Hauler (PL 6)

The hauler is a space-going tug that drags heavy, nonpowered loads and modular cargo containers, though they have precious little cargo space of their own. Haulers are fitted with big power plants and huge engines, at the expense of crew quarters and armaments.

Type: LightSize: Colossal (–8 size)
Subtype: HaulerTactical Speed: 2,500 ft. (5 sq.)
Defense: 7Length: 450 feet
Flat-footed Defense: 5Weight: 6,000 tons
Autopilot Defense: 5Targeting System Bonus: +3
Hardness: 20Crew: 8 (trained +4)
Hit Dice: 36d20 (720 hp)Passenger Capacity: 8
Initiative Modifier: +2Cargo Capacity: 3,300 tons
Pilot’s Class Bonus: +3Grapple Modifier: +16
Pilot’s Dex Modifier: +2Base Purchase DC: 56
Gunner’s Attack Bonus: +2Restriction: Restricted (+2)

Attack: 2 fire-linked heavy lasers –3 ranged (12d8)

Attack of Opportunity: Point-defense system +3 ranged (2d12×10)

Standard PL 6 Design Specs:

Engines: Fusion torch, thrusters

Armor: Alloy plating

Defense Systems: Autopilot system, damage control system (2d10), point-defense system

Sensors: Class II sensor array, targeting system

Communications: Laser transceiver, radio transceiver

Weapons: 2 fire-linked heavy lasers (range incr. 4,000 ft.)

Grappling Systems: Grapplers

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