Katana-Class Template (PL 8)

The Katana-class template can be applied to any ultralight fighter or assault fighter. The starship’s design specs should be adjusted as follows.

Hit Dice: Increase by +1d20.

Engine Upgrade: Inertial flux engine, thrusters (tactical speed +1,500 feet).

Armor Upgrade: Ablative (hardness 40).

Defense System Upgrade: Advanced damage control (3d10), magnetic field, medium fortification (50% chance to ignore a critical hit; replaces a PL 6 or PL 7 defense system).

Sensors Upgrade: Class VII sensor array (+2 initiative), improved targeting system, Achilles targeting software (increases threat range of all weapon systems by 1).

Communications Upgrade: Drive transceiver.

Weapons Upgrade: 2 fire-linked maser cannons (18d8 damage; range incr. 6,000 ft.; replaces PL 6 o r PL 7 fire-linked weapon system).

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