Colony Ship (PL 7)

This massive vessel is designed to haul everything a new colony needs to get started. Its cavernous storage decks can accommodate thousands of colonists with heavy machinery, prefabricated buildings, equipment, and supplies throughout the long trip to a new world.

Type: SuperheavySize: Colossal (–8 size)
Subtype: Colony shipTactical Speed: 4,000 ft. (8 sq.)
Defense: 7Length: 2,000 feet
Flat-footed Defense: 5Weight: 400,000 tons
Autopilot Defense: 7Targeting System Bonus: +5
Hardness: 30Crew: 400 (trained +4)
Hit Dice: 800d20 (16,000 hp)Passenger Capacity: 2,000
Initiative Modifier: +2Cargo Capacity: 100,000 tons
Pilot’s Class Bonus: +3Grapple Modifier: +16
Pilot’s Dex Modifier: +2Base Purchase DC: 72
Gunner’s Attack Bonus: +2Restriction: Restricted (+2)

Attack: Battery of 4 particle beams +2 ranged (12d8/19–20) and battery of 2 plasma missiles –5 ranged (18d8/18–20); or Battery of 2 plasma missiles +0 ranged (18d8/18–20) and battery of 4 particle beams –3 ranged (12d8/19–20)

Attack of Opportunity: Point-defense system +5 ranged (5d12×10)

Standard PL 7 Design Specs:

Engines: Particle impulse engine, photon sails, thrusters

Armor: Cerametal

Defense Systems: Improved autopilot system, improved damage control (6d10), magnetic field, particle field, point-defense system, radiation shielding, repair drones, self-destruct system

Sensors: Class IV sensor array, improved targeting system

Communications: Drivesat comm array, mass transceiver

Weapons: 1 battery of 4 particle beams (range incr. 4,000 ft.), 1 battery of 2 plasma missile launchers (16 missiles each)

Grappling Systems: Grapplers, tractor beam emitter

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