Progress Level 7: Gravity Age

Table: Starship Weapons
WeaponDamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrementRate of FireMinimum Ship SizePurchase DCRestriction
Antimatter gun10d8 (45)20Energy5,000 ft.SingleColossal38Mil (+3)
Mass cannon8d12 (52)20Ballistic5,000 ft.SingleGargantuan37Lic (+1)
Mass cannon, heavy10d12 (65)20Ballistic6,000 ft.SingleColossal40Res (+2)
Mine, gravitic10d100 (550)EnergyColossal43Mil (+3)
Missile, mass reaction20d8 (90)19–20EnergySingleColossal502Mil (+3)
Missile, plasma18d8 (81)19–20FireSingleGargantuan462Res (+2)
Particle beam12d8 (54)20Energy4,000 ft.SingleGargantuan36Res (+2)
Particle beam, heavy16d8 (72)20Energy5,000 ft.SingleColossal39Res (+2)
Plasma cannon14d8 (63)20Fire3,000 ft.Single1Gargantuan36Lic (+1)
Plasma cannon, heavy18d8 (81)20Fire4,000 ft.Single1Colossal39Res (+2)
Quantum cannon16d8 (72)20Energy6,000 ft.SingleGargantuan41Res (+2)
1With a successful Repair check (DC 30) and 1 hour of work, this weapon can be modified for semiautomatic or automatic fire mode. Resetting the weapon to its original configuration requires another check and another hour of labor.
2The purchase DC includes a basic launch system (missile rack or missile tube) and eight missiles with warheads. The purchase DC is 2 lower without the launch system.
3In addition to taking damage, the ship is dazed for 1 round (see Starship Condition Summary).
4This weapon’s damage ignores a ship’s hardness.

Antimatter Gun (PL 7)

Using the same basic technology as the PL 6 rail cannon, the antimatter gun throws a piece of antimatter at the target. The impact alone is extremely destructive. Following the initial impact damage, the “splatter” of antimatter from the disintegrating warhead creates a cluster-bomb effect around the point of impact, increasing the chance of a critical hit.

Mass Cannon (PL 7)

The mass cannon uses gravitic technology to “charge” a small bit of matter with incredible gravitational energy, then hurls it at the target, where its increased gravitational pull causes it to slam into the target like a wrecking ball.

Mass Cannon, Heavy (PL 7)

The heavy mass cannon is a larger and more powerful version of the mass cannon.

Mine, Gravitic (PL 7)

When a gravitic mine detonates, it creates a brief artificial gravity well that pulls on ships in its square and in all adjacent squares, tearing their hulls.

Missile, Mass Reaction (PL 7)

This warhead uses a dark matter reaction to unleash a powerful wave of energy. The effect is more concentrated than a nuclear blast, but it’s less likely to cause unwanted collateral damage.

Missile, Plasma (PL 7)

The plasma warhead improves on the PL 6 chemical explosive. It creates a burst of white-hot plasma that can blast a small ship out of space with one shot.

Particle Beam (PL 7)

The next phase of the PL 6 neutron gun, the particle beam projects a stream of protons, neutrons, or alpha particles at the target—each particle accelerated to near light-speed.

Particle Beam, Heavy (PL 7)

This weapon is simply a larger version of the particle beam.

Plasma Cannon (PL 7)

Using a powerful electrical charge to convert a mix of chemicals into white-hot plasma, this weapon then accelerates the plasma mass toward the target with a simple rail gun. The result is a bolt of incandescent plasma that can explosively vaporize objects in its path.

Plasma Cannon, Heavy (PL 7)

This weapon is simply a larger version of the plasma cannon.

Quantum Cannon (PL 7)

The quantum cannon fires a stream of highly charged subatomic particles, destabilizing the atoms of the target and creating localized fission reactions.

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