Progress Level 8: Energy Age

Table: Starship Weapons
WeaponDamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrementRate of FireMinimum Ship SizePurchase DCRestriction
Automaser12d8 (54)20Energy6,000 ft.AColossal40Res (+2)
EMP cannon8d8 (36)320Electricity4,000 ft.SingleGargantuan41Res (+2)
Kinetic lance10d12 (65)20Concussion3,000 ft.Single1Colossal42Res (+2)
Maser cannon12d8 (54)20Energy6,000 ft.Single1Gargantuan40Lic (+1)
Maser cannon, heavy16d8 (72)20Energy8,000 ft.Single1Colossal44Res (+2)
Mine, zero point15d100 (825)EnergyColossal48Mil (+3)
Missile, nova burst12d8 (54)19–20Ballistic/ EnergySingleGargantuan452Mil (+3)
Missile, starload20d8 (90)19–20EnergySingleHuge452Mil (+3)
Neutronium driver12d12 (78)20Ballistic5,000 ft.SingleColossal42Mil (+3)
Sliver gun8d12 (52)20Ballistic3,000 ft.S, AGargantuan39Res (+2)
Zero bore16d8 (72)20Energy6,000 ft.SingleColossal52Mil (+3)
1With a successful Repair check (DC 30) and 1 hour of work, this weapon can be modified for semiautomatic or automatic fire mode. Resetting the weapon to its original configuration requires another check and another hour of labor.
2The purchase DC includes a basic launch system (missile rack or missile tube) and eight missiles with warheads. The purchase DC is 2 lower without the launch system.
3In addition to taking damage, the ship is dazed for 1 round (see Starship Condition Summary).
4This weapon’s damage ignores a ship’s hardness.

Automaser (PL 8)

The automaser uses multiple firing arrays to channel high-energy maser compressions into shorter pulse widths. This weapon fires only in automatic mode.

EMP Cannon (PL 8)

The EMP cannon induces an electromagnetic pulse effect similar to that of a nuclear explosion. This makes the EMP cannon especially effective against electronic equipment. In addition to taking damage, the starship is dazed for 1 round. Neither crew nor passengers are dazed, however.

Kinetic Lance (PL 8)

The kinetic lance creates a high-velocity stream of virtual particles simulating solid matter. The impact of these particles is quite destructive—rather like a collision with a solid object.

Maser Cannon (PL 8)

Maser cannons channel an enormous amount of power through a linear antenna array, creating a broad-spectrum blast of energy that devastates the target with heat, light, and intense radiation.

Maser Cannon, Heavy (PL 8)

The heavy maser cannon is a larger version of the maser cannon. With 1 hour of work and a successful Repair check (DC 30), a heavy maser can be reconfigured for semiautomatic or automatic fire mode. (Resetting the weapon to its original configuration requires another check and another hour of labor.) Increase the purchase DC of the modified pulse maser by +5.

Mine, Zero Point (PL 8)

This mine creates a spontaneous quantum fluctuation of energy—the same energy as the Big Bang, though obviously on a smaller scale.

Missile, Nova Burst (PL 8)

The nova burst warhead generates an incredible gravitational force that compresses normal matter into an incredibly dense mass, which then explodes in a colossal detonation.

Missile, Starload (PL 8)

The starload warhead is essentially an improved version of the PL 7 mass reaction missile.

Neutronium Driver (PL 8)

This version of the rail gun is configured to fire a projectile of false neutronium—a slug the size of a baseball, but with a temporary mass of thousands of tons. Because neutronium is electrically neutral, the driver mechanism actually encapsulates the projectile in a sleeve or sabot of ordinary matter to fire the slug.

Sliver Gun (PL 8)

An efficient mass driver loaded with flechettes of tungsten steel, the sliver gun is the PL 8 version of a heavy machine gun. It cycles at a rate of fire of almost 4,000 rounds per minute, and each sliver can tear through a yard or more of heavy armor.

Zero Bore (PL 8)

The zero bore creates a stream of energy that encourages extraordinary amounts of quantum energy fluctuation—the so-called “zero point” energy. Anything in its path is wrecked by the spontaneous destruction of space itself.

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