Progress Level 9: Matter Age

Table: Starship Weapons
WeaponDamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrementRate of FireMinimum Ship SizePurchase DCRestriction
Blacklaser16d8 (72)20Energy8,000 ft.S, AHuge50Mil (+3)
Mine, null410d100 (550)EnergyColossal53Mil (+3)
Singularity cannon20d8 (90)20Energy5,000 ft.SingleColossal53Mil (+3)
String projector12d12 (78)20Energy6,000 ft.SingleColossal54Mil (+3)
Tachyon gun14d8 (63)20Energy10,000 ft.SingleGargantuan52Mil (+3)
1With a successful Repair check (DC 30) and 1 hour of work, this weapon can be modified for semiautomatic or automatic fire mode. Resetting the weapon to its original configuration requires another check and another hour of labor.
2The purchase DC includes a basic launch system (missile rack or missile tube) and eight missiles with warheads. The purchase DC is 2 lower without the launch system.
3In addition to taking damage, the ship is dazed for 1 round (see Starship Condition Summary).
4This weapon’s damage ignores a ship’s hardness.

Blacklaser (PL 9)

Using the fluorescent gaseous form of dark matter, a blacklaser fires a beam of coherent light. To human eyes, it appears to be a beam of purplish light bordering on ultraviolet, but it is composed of radiation much more energetic and dangerous than ordinary photons.

Mine, Null (PL 9)

This weapon is horrifyingly simple in design. It harnesses nuclear strong force to generate a field in which all atomic bonds cease to exist. Matter in the mine’s square and all adjacent squares is pulverized into subatomic dust.

A null mine ignores a ship’s hardness.

Singularity Cannon (PL 9)

The singularity cannon creates a quantum black hole and fires it at the enemy. A quantum black hole is no bigger than a single molecule, but it masses hundreds of millions of tons and can rip even the toughest armor to shreds.

String Projector (PL 9)

The string projector creates a super-dense cosmic string that passes through the target. A cosmic string is a short-lived chain of extraordinary mass; the effect on the target is similar to being pierced by the mass of a mountain, but concentrated into a space the size of a strand of hair.

Tachyon Gun (PL 9)

The tachyon gun fires a blast of high-energy, faster-than-light particles at the target.

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