Fantastic Travel Times

Travel times at relativistic speeds are generally easy to calculate. Simply determine how long it takes to arrive at the destination while traveling at the speed of light, then divide the result by the light speed multiplier of the drive being used. Some sample travel times appear in Table: Fantastic Travel Times.

Table: Fantastic Travel Times
覧覧覧覧覧覧 Light Speed Factor 覧覧覧覧覧覧
Earth to the Moon
(240,000 mi.)2.58 sec.1.72 sec.1.29 sec.0.26 sec.0.13 sec.0.09 sec.0.05 sec.
Earth to the Sun (1 AU)
(93,000,000 mi.)16.6 min.11.07 min.8.3 min.1.66 min.49.8 sec.33.2 sec.19.9 sec.
Earth to Mercury
(56,950,000 mi.)10.2 min.6.8 min.5.1 min.1.02 min.30.6 sec.20.4 sec.12.2 sec.
Earth to Venus
(26,040,000 mi.)4.66 min.3.11 min.2.33 min.28.2 sec.14.1 sec.9.4 sec.5.6 sec.
Earth to Mars
(48,360,000 mi.)8.6 min.5.7 min.4.3 min.51.6 sec.25.8 sec.17.2 sec.10.3 sec.
Earth to Jupiter
(390,600,000 mi.)70.0 min.46.7 min.35 min.7.0 min.3.5 min.2.3 min.1.4 min.
Earth to Saturn
(704,940,000 mi.)126.4 min.84.3 min.63.2 min.12.6 min.6.3 min.4.2 min.2.5 min.
Earth to Uranus
(1,687,020,000 mi.)302.4 min.201.6 min.151.2 min.30.2 min.15.1 min.10.1 min.6.05 min.
Earth to Neptune
(2,715,600,000 mi.)486.6 min.324.4 min.243.3 min.48.7 min.24.4 min.16.2 min.9.7 min.
Earth to Pluto
(3,574,920,000 mi.)640 min.426.67 min.320 min.64 min.32 min.21.3 min.12.8 min.
1 light year
(5,865,696,000,000 mi.)2.0 years1.33 years1.0 year2.4 mo.1.2 mo.0.8 mo.0.48 mo.
Sun to Alpha Centauri
(4.4 light years)8.8 years5.87 years4.4 years10.56 mo.5.28 mo.3.53 mo.2.1 mo.
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