Realistic Travel Times

Table: Realistic Travel Times provides various “realistic” interplanetary and interstellar travel times. These times assume that starships cannot achieve velocities anywhere near the speed of light, for reasons discussed under Interstellar Travel (see above). Using the table, a starship equipped with a PL 6 ion engine would take 67.2 days to travel from Earth to Mars, while the same ship equipped with a PL 7 induction engine would take 16.8 days.

The travel times listed are based on average distance. Planets move closer together and farther apart based on their relative orbits around the sun, and the travel time between worlds may increase or decrease accordingly.

Table: Realistic Travel Times
—————————————— Time to Destination ——————————————
DistancePL 5 EnginePL 6 EnginePL 7 EnginePL 8 Engine1PL 9 Engine2Light Speed
Earth to the Moon
(240,000 mi.)40 hrs.8 hrs.2 hrs.1.96 min.9.2 sec.1.29 sec.
Earth to the Sun (1 AU)
(93,000,000 mi.)645.8 days129.2 days32.3 days12.6 hrs.59.3 min.8.3 min.
Earth to Mercury
(56,950,000 mi.)395.5 days79.1 days19.8 days7.7 hrs.36.4 min.5.1 min.
Earth to Venus
(26,040,000 mi.)180.8 days36.2 days9.04 days3.5 hrs.16.6 min.2.33 min.
Earth to Mars
(48,360,000 mi.)335.8 days67.2 days16.8 days6.6 hrs.30.7 min.4.3 min.
Earth to Jupiter
(390,600,000 mi.)7.43 years1.49 years135.6 days2.2 days4.2 hrs.35 min.
Earth to Saturn
(704,940,000 mi.)13.4 years2.68 years244.8 days4 days7.5 hrs.63.2 min.
Earth to Uranus
(1,687,020,000 mi.)32.1 years6.42 years1.6 years9.5 days18 hrs.2.52 hrs.
Earth to Neptune
(2,715,600,000 mi.)51.67 years10.33 years2.58 years15.4 days1.2 days4.1 min.
Earth to Pluto
(3,574,920,000 mi.)68.02 years13.6 years3.4 years20.2 days1.6 days5.33 min.
1 light year
(5,865,696,000,000 mi.)111,600 years22,320 years5,580 years91 years7.14 years1 year
Sun to Alpha Centauri
(4.4 light years)491,040 years98,208 years24,552 years400 years31.4 years4.4 years
1 A PL 8 engine can achieve a speed of 2,046 miles per second (1.1% of the speed of light).
2 A PL 9 engine can achieve a speed of 26,040 miles per second (14% of the speed of light).
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