Civilian Cars

Civilian automobiles of the future are required by law to carry remote shutdown systems in the event the vehicle is involved in a high-speed chase. Cars can be equipped with options like heated side mirrors, power seats, and sunroofs; each of these added features increases the vehicle’s purchase DC by 1.

Unless otherwise noted, civilian cars provide three-quarters cover for their occupants. The operative skill for cars is Drive.

Table: Civilian Cars
NameCrewPassCargoInitManeuverTop SpeedDefenseHardHit PointsSizePurchase DCRestriction
Progress Level 6: Fusion Age
AutoMac taxi06L–3–2175 (17)8534H31Lic (+1)
Kirsch Sunflower12S–4–2160 (16)9525L27Lic (+1)
Nakazawa Delta-914L–2–1245 (24)8534H31Lic (+1)
SKG Lamplighter14M–1–1210 (21)8532H28Lic (+1)
Progress Level 7: Gravity Age
Bendel Motors Spirit14M–2+0290 (29)8536H29Lic (+1)
Stradtler Hlidskjalf14L–1+1255 (25)8535H36Lic (+1)
TM Willow14M–2–2205 (20)8535H28Lic (+1)
Progress Level 8: Energy Age
SKG Metropolitan17L–2–2215 (21)6641G42Lic (+1)

Automac Taxi (PL 6)

The AutoMac is a computer-driven taxi equipped with a driver autocomp (see Vehicle Gear). It features two facing bench seats with room for six passengers, and a small view screen and speaker that hang down from the ceiling. The friendly voice of “Mac” requests destination information as well as displaying the question on the view screen. The computer calculates the fare and pre-charges the passenger. In case of emergency, a manual stop button mounted in the middle of the speaker allows passengers to safely halt the vehicle. Although there are no manual controls, the computer is equipped with an access jack behind the front seat. A notebook computer or PDA with the appropriate interface program can be plugged into this jack to override the computer and allow an occupant to manually control the vehicle with a successful Computer Use check (DC 20).

The AutoMac taxi is 2 squares wide and 3 squares long. Its drivercomp has a Drive skill modifier of +8.

Kirsch Sunflower (PL 6)

The Kirsch Sunflower is a solar-electrical economy coupe and its performance is abysmal in comparison to other cars. It is 2 squares wide and 3 squares long.

Nakazawa Delta-9 (PL 6)

The Delta-9 from Nakazawa is a mid-size family wagon with a hatchback rear door and plenty of cargo space. It uses the popular hybrid gas/electrical engine developed in PL 5. It is 2 squares wide and 3 squares long.

SKG Lamplighter (PL 6)

The Lamplighter four-door economy sedan offers comfort and performance for a reasonable price. Slower than most civilian automobiles, the Lamplighter offers all the usual luxuries included in the base price—keeping the cost down by selling budget components, rather than the high-end electronics usually installed. The Lamplighter is 2 squares wide and 3 squares long.

Bendel Motors Spirit (PL 7)

The Bendel Motors Spirit is a comfortable, four-door, midsize sedan with a powerful minireactor engine. It is 2 squares wide and 3 squares long.

Stradtler Hlidskjalf (PL 7)

The Hlidskjalf sedan is widely recognized as the finest four-door luxury sedan in production during its age. The Hlidskjalf is 2 squares wide and 3 squares long.

TM Willow (PL 7)

This mid-size, two-door sedan from Toner Motors is a common car model. It has improved air filters to keep out the kind of dust found in the environments of other planets. They are less popular on Earth, except when they are adapted to desert driving. The Willow is 2 squares wide and 3 squares long.

SKG Metropolitan (PL 8)

The Metropolitan is the ultimate in chauffeured luxury. Powered by a particle reactor, it is loaded with every available luxury feature. A partition divides the driver’s seat from the rest of the vehicle. The solid construction lends the Metropolitan a slightly higher hardness than other civilian vehicles, and armored versions with hardness 10 are available (increase the vehicle’s purchase DC by +1). The Metropolitan provides three-quarters cover for its occupants. It is 2 squares wide and 5 squares long.

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