Civilian Hovervehicles

Hovervehicles are extremely popular at Progress Level 7, when the ability to set down virtually anywhere allows “hoverists” (hovervehicle enthusiasts) to take the same vehicle into the wilderness that they take to work every day.

Air traffic control restricts hover traffic to 5,000 feet or less. Police and well-marked hoverlanes keep traffic in line. Unless otherwise noted, civilian hovervehicles provide three-quarters cover for their occupants. The operative skill for hovervehicles is Pilot.

Table: Civilian Hovervehicles
NameCrewPassCargoInitManeuverTop SpeedDefenseHardHit PointsSizePurchase DCRestriction
Progress Level 7: Gravity Age
AD-Bright police cruiser14L–2+0245 (24)8532H38Res (+2)
AutoDyn hoverbike11D+1+2410 (41)10515M37Lic (+1)
AutoDyn hoverbus138H–4–4160 (16)6545G45Lic (+1)
AutoDyn hovercar14L–1+0250 (25)9528L36Lic (+1)
AutoDyn hovertruck11H–3–4180 (18)6835G42Lic (+1)
HydroDyn SeaHawk13S–2+0160 (16)9530L36Lic (+1)

AD-Bright Police Cruiser (PL 7)

The AD-Bright police cruiser uses hover technology to put police on equal footing with the private citizens’ hovervehicles. When driven on the ground, the police cruiser’s top speed drops to 215 (21). It is 3 squares wide and 3 squares long.

The main cab of an AD-Bright police cruiser contains the following equipment:

The trunk of an AD-Bright police cruiser holds the following additional gear:

Autodyn Hoverbike (PL 7)

The AutoDyn hoverbike can travel as high as 15,000 feet, and that limit is set due to the rider’s inability to breathe at higher altitudes without an oxygen mask. When driven on the ground, the hoverbike’s top speed is 380 (38). The hoverbike is 1 square wide and 2 squares long. It provides its rider with no cover.

Autodyn Hoverbus (PL 7)

AutoDyn’s hoverbus provides the flying version of mass transit. The hoverbus’s top speed is 120 (12). A hoverbus is 3 squares wide and 8 squares long.

Autodyn Hovercar (PL 7)

The AutoDyn hovercar is capable of flying up to 30,000 feet when the cabin is sealed. When driven on the ground, the hovercar’s top speed is 215 (21). A hovercar is usually 2 squares wide and 3 squares long, but larger luxury models exist.

Autodyn Hovertruck (PL 7)

The AutoDyn hovertruck is frequently used by emergency services personnel (with modifications) for rescuing stranded hoverists or reaching hikers and mountain climbers lost at high altitudes. When driven on the ground, the hovertruck’s top speed is 145 (14). A hovertruck is 3 squares wide and 4 squares long.

Hydrodyn Seahawk (PL 7)

Unlike other hovervehicles, the SeaHawk is only capable of landing on water or on specially constructed brackets (purchase DC 23).

When piloted on the water, the SeaHawk’s top speed is 140 (14). It has a 5,000-foot legal ceiling, but it doesn’t trouble with traffic lanes when used over open water. The SeaHawk is 3 squares wide and 5 squares long.

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