Civilian Motorcycles

Mounting a motorcycle is a free action, and the motorcycle provides no cover to its occupants—except as noted below. The operative skill for motorcycles is Drive.

Table: Civilian Motorcycles
NameCrewPassCargoInitManeuverTop SpeedDefenseHardHit PointsSizePurchase DCRestriction
Progress Level 6: Fusion Age
Harris-Musselman dirt bike 10F+0+1180 (18)10519M24Lic (+1)
Progress Level 7: Gravity Age
Stradtler Valkyrie 11F–2+1295 (29)9524L28Lic (+1)

Harris-Musselman Dirt Bike (PL 6)

Known as the “Muscleman,” the H-M is a popular recreational motorcycle that also happens to enjoy wide use by military recon units. It is 1 square wide and 2 squares long.

Stradtler Valkyrie (PL 7)

Stradtler’s version of the street bike upholds the Norwegian motor company’s reputation for high performance and luxury. Constructed on the “chopper” frame, the Valkyrie has a triple-wide rear tire and a center of gravity set slightly further back than normal street cycles, enabling it to get up on the rear wheel for impressive displays of motorcycle riding. It is 1 square wide and 2 squares long.

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