Civilian Trucks

Trucks usually have the same features as civilian cars, with the same luxury options. Trucks provide three-quarters cover to their occupants, except as noted below. The operative skill for trucks is Drive.

Table: Civilian Trucks
NameCrewPassCargoInitManeuverTop SpeedDefenseHardHit PointsSizePurchase DCRestriction
Progress Level 6: Fusion Age
Cretan Motors “Hecaton” 14H–1–1190 (19)6539G31Lic (+1)
Cretan Motors Kentaur 13L–1+0210 (21)8536H30Lic (+1)
Gaia Motor Company Virgo 16M–2–2215 (21)8535H29Lic (+1)
Progress Level 7: Gravity Age
Zhang Motors XRL (SUV) 13L–2–1245 (24)8540H32Lic (+1)

Cretan Motors “Hecaton” (PL 6)

The national automobile company of Crete came late to the industry, but has made impressive strides toward winning over truck buyers. The Hekatoncheires pickup truck—inaccurately referred to as the “Hecaton” by its target market—combines impressive power with high durability and generous cargo room in the bed. The sixwheel design includes puncture-resistant tires and is popular with construction companies. The cab can be sealed against harsh environments—ads show them driving into lakes and being pulled out with the interior dry as a bone and the occupants casually listening to the stereo. The Hekatoncheires is 3 squares wide and 4 squares long.

Cretan Motors Kentaur (PL 6)

Cretan Motors produces a smaller, faster, “light-duty” pickup with many of the same features of the larger Hekatoncheires but without all the cargo space. The Kentaur is 2 squares wide and 3 squares long.

Gaia Motor Company Virgo (PL 6)

The Gaia Motor Company developed a line of automobiles powered by the popular fusion minireactor. The Virgo minivan is a top seller, capable of high speeds yet comfortably easy to handle. It is 2 squares wide and 3 squares long.

Zhang Motors XRL (PL 7)

The XRL is designed to operate using a less expensive particle reactor, rather than t he s lightly more stable fusion minireactor. This gamble ultimately paid off when an XRL won the Australian Rally Challenge. The XRL comes only in a two-door style. It is 2 squares wide and 3 squares long.

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