Other Civilian Vehicles

Some civilian vehicles are highly specialized, and so don’t truly fit into any other category. The operative skill for these vehicles is Drive, unless otherwise noted.

Table: Other Civilian Vehicles
NameCrewPassCargoInitManeuverTop SpeedDefenseHardHit PointsSizePurchase DCRestriction
Progress Level 7: Gravity Age
AutoDyn hoverboard10F+2+450 (5)1428D17Lic (+1)
WGM Wyoming10D+1+2120 (12)9525L26Lic (+1)

Autodyn Hoverboard (PL 7)

The AutoDyn hoverboard is a 3-foot-long board held aloft by a tiny but powerful forced-air system. A hoverboard is 1 square wide and 1 square long, and it provides no cover to its rider. The operative skill to control a hoverboard is Tumble.

WGM Wyoming (PL 7)

The Wallace General Mechanics Wyoming is essentially a four-wheeled dirt bike powered by a minireactor. It provides no cover for its rider. The Wyoming is 1 square wide and 2 squares long.

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