Autocomp, Driver

A driver autocomp consists of an onboard computer with AI software capable to operating a vehicle, thereby removing the need for a driver or pilot. Most vehicles equipped with a driver autocomp still retain a driver’s seat, allowing the vehicle to be controlled manually if the autocomp is deactivated or disabled. Disabling a driver autocomp requires a successful Disable Device check (DC 15).

The driver autocomp’s modifier on all Drive or Pilot checks, as well as its purchase DC, depends on the quality of the system’s AI software; see Table: Driver Autocomps for details.

Purchase DC: See Table 8–8.

Restriction: None.

Table: Driver Autocomps
Driver AutocompDrive or Pilot Check ModifierPurchase DC
Roadlord AI-DA +012
Pegasus AI-200 +215
Dervish AI-400 +418
Twister AI-800 +821
Zephyr AI-1200 +1224
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