Remote Shutdown System

This public safety feature, introduced at Progress Level 6, is required by law on all civilian vehicles. The remote shutdown system consists of a microcomputer attached to the vehicle’s electrical system plus a microantenna. At a coded signal from an authorized law enforcement officer (via a dashboard-mounted unit installed in most police cruisers), the remote shutdown system switches off the vehicle, bringing it to a slow, safe stop (and, in the case of flying or hovering vehicles, a safe descent).

Law enforcement agencies maintain huge databases of codes for civilian vehicles, enabling officers to quickly determine the code for a vehicle by make, model, year, or license plate. Searching for a code requires a full-round action. Entering the code to shut down the vehicle is an attack action.

This system is installed on all civilian vehicles. Acquiring a civilian vehicle without a remote shutdown system or acquiring a vehicle with an altered code (so that the owner can shut it down, but no one else can) is treated like buying an illegal item. Removing the system—an illegal act—requires a successful Disable Device check (DC 15). Changing the code—also an illegal act—requires a successful Computer Use check (DC 30).

An installed remote shutdown system does not increase a vehicle’s purchase DC.

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