Move Actions

With the exception of specific movement-related skills, most move actions don’t require a check. In some cases, ability checks might be required.


The simplest move action is moving the character’s speed. If a character takes this kind of move action during his or her turn, the character cannot also take a 5-foot step.

Many nonstandard modes of movement are also covered under this category, including climbing and swimming (up to one-quarter the character’s speed), crawling (up to 5 feet), and entering a vehicle.

Manipulating Objects

In most cases, moving or manipulating an object is a move action. This includes drawing or holstering a weapon, retrieving or putting away a stored object, picking up an object, moving a heavy object, and opening a door.

If the character has a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, he or she can draw a weapon as part of his or her normal movement.

Standing Up

Standing up from a prone position requires a move action. It provokes an attack of opportunity from opponents who threaten the character.

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