A giant is a humanoid creature of Large size or larger. Giants are known for their great strength. See Table: Giants for physical ability scores, recommended minimum Hit Dice, and damage based on size.

Hit Die: d8.

Base Attack Bonus: 3/4 of total Hit Dice (see Table: Creature Saves and Base Attack Bonuses).

Good Saving Throws: Fortitude.

Skill Points: 6 + Int modifier (minimum 1), plus 1 points per Hit Dice beyond 1 HD.

Feats: 1, plus 1 feat per 4 Hit Dice beyond 1 HD.

Giants share the following additional traits.

Size: Giants must be Large or larger.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Giants receive either Archaic Weapons Proficiency or Simple Weapons Proficiency as a bonus feat. They are proficient with their natural weapons and any weapon mentioned in their entries. Giants noted for wearing armor gain the bonus feat Armor Proficiency with whatever type of armor they are accustomed to wearing (light, medium, heavy), as well as all lighter types.

Low-Light Vision (Ex): Most giants have low-light vision.

Table: Giants
Size Str Dex Con Minimum HD Slam Bite Claw Gore
Colossal 46–47 6–7 28–31 32d8 2d6 2d8 2d8 4d6
Gargantuan 38–39 6–7 24–27 16d8 1d8 2d6 2d6 2d8
Huge 30–31 6–7 20–23 8d8 1d6 1d8 2d4 2d6
Large 22–23 8–9 16–19 2d8 1d4 1d6 1d6 1d8
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