Falling Objects

Objects that fall upon characters (or creatures or vehicles) deal damage based on their size and the distance fallen, as noted on Table: Damage from Falling Objects.

Objects deal the initial damage given in Table: Damage from Falling Objects if they fall 10 feet or less. An object deals an additional 1d6 points of damage for every 10-foot increment it falls beyond the first (to a maximum of 20d6 points of damage). Objects of Fine size are too small to deal damage, regardless of the distance fallen.

A successful Reflex save indicates that the target takes half damage. The size of the falling object determines the save DC.

If the save fails by 10 or more, and the object is at least three size categories larger than the character, the character is pinned under the fallen object. A pinned character cannot move but is not helpless. The character can make a Strength check to lift the object off him or herself or an Escape Artist check (DC 20) to get out from underneath. The GM can modify the DCs for these checks based on the circumstances.

Table: Damage from Falling Objects
Object Size Examples Initial Damage Reflex Save DC Strength Check DC
Fine Penny 0 n/a n/a
Diminutive Paperweight 1 0 n/a
Tiny Wrench 1d3 5 n/a
Small Vase 1d4 10 5
Medium-size Briefcase 1d6 15 10
Large Garbage can 2d6 20 20
Huge Oil barrel 4d6 25 30
Gargantuan Piano 8d6 30 40
Colossal Vehicle 10d6 35 50
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