Ammunition for firearms and other ranged weapons is covered on Table: Ammunition.

Ammunition Type (Quantity) Purchase DC
5.56mm (20) 4
7.62mm (20) 4
7.62mmR (20) 4
.444 caliber (20) 6
.50 caliber (20) 6
9mm (50) 5
10mm (50) 5
.22 caliber (50) 4
.32 caliber (50) 5
.38 special (50) 5
.357 caliber (50) 5
.44 caliber (50) 5
.45 caliber (50) 5
.50AE caliber (50) 6
10-gauge buckshot (10) 5
12-gauge buckshot (10) 4
Arrow (12) 8
Crossbow bolt (12) 7

5.56mm, 7.62mm, 7.62mmR, .444, .50

These calibers of ammunition are generally used in rifles, assault rifles, or machine guns, and are sold in boxes of 20 bullets each. The 7.62mmR is used in the AKM and other ex-Soviet weapon types, and is not compatible with the larger 7.62mm cartridge. The .50 caliber is a huge cartridge generally fired from heavy machine guns, but also adapted to a few models of powerful sniper rifles.

9mm, 10mm, .22, .32, .38 S, .357, .44, .45, .50AE

These calibers are generally used in pistols or submachine guns, and are sold in boxes of 50 bullets each. The .50AE pistol round is not compatible with the much larger .50 rifle-caliber cartridge (see above).

10-gauge Buckshot, 12-gauge Buckshot

Shotgun cartridges, also known as buckshot, are sold in boxes of ten.


Arrows come in quivers of 12 and are used with the compound bow and other types of archery weapons. These missile weapons consist of a slender shaft and a pointed head.

Crossbow Bolt

A shaft or missile designed to be shot from a crossbow, bolts come in quivers of 12.

Ammunition weight

To determine how much a loaded magazine weighs, look it up on the table, rounding the number of rounds in the magazine up. Shotgun shells are a little heavier; use the weight value for one damage step higher.

Weight per Number of Rounds
Damage 10 20 30 40 50 100
2d4 0.5lb 0.5lb 0.5lb 0.5lb 1.0lb 1.5lb
2d6 0.5lb 0.5lb 0.5lb 1.0lb 1.0lb 2.0lb
2d8 0.5lb 0.5lb 0.5lb 1.0lb 1.0lb 2.0lb
2d10 0.5lb 1.0lb 1.0lb 1.5lb 1.5lb 3.0lb
2d12 1.0lb 2.0lb 3.0lb 4.0lb 5.0lb 10.0lb
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