Heavy Armor

Name Type Equipment Bonus Nonprof. Bonus Maximum Dex Bonus Armor Penalty Speed (30 ft.) Weight Purchase DC Restriction
Special response vest Tactical +7 +3 +1 –6 20 15 lb. 18 Lic (+1)
Plate mail Archaic +8 +3 +1 –6 20 50 lb. 23
Forced entry unit Tactical +9 +3 +0 –8 20 20 lb. 19 Lic (+1)

For the best protection money can buy, go with heavy armor, but watch out for the armor penalty.

Plate Mail

This medieval-era armor consists of metal plates that cover the entire body. It’s heavy and cumbersome compared to most modern armor, but it does provide a great deal of protection.

Special Response Vest

Built like the tactical vest, but incorporating groin and neck protection as well as a ceramic plate over the chest, this armor provides additional protection in battles against heavily armed opponents.

Forced Entry Unit

The most powerful protection available is built into this suit, which consists of a heavy torso jacket with ceramic plates over the chest and back, neck and groin guards, arm protection, and a helmet. Heavy and cumbersome, this armor is generally only donned by tactical officers heading into a dangerous assault.

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