Equipment (General)

General Equipment

This section covers the wide variety of general gear available to adventurers of all sorts.

Many of the objects in this section are battery-operated. Any device that uses batteries comes with them. As a general rule, ignore battery life—assume that heroes (and their antagonists) are smart enough to recharge or replace their batteries between adventures, and that the batteries last as long as needed during adventures. If battery life is important in the game, roll 1d20 every time a battery-operated item is used. On a result of 1, the batteries are dead and the object is useless. New batteries have a purchase DC of 2 and can be changed as a move action.

Equipment Tables

Equipment is described by a number of statistics.

Size: The size category of a piece of equipment helps to determine how easy that object is to conceal, and it also indicates whether using the object requires one hand or two. In general, a character needs only one hand to use any object that is of his or her size category or smaller.

Weight: This column gives the item’s weight.

Purchase DC: This is the purchase DC for a Wealth check to acquire the item. This number reflects the base price and doesn’t include any modifier for purchasing the item on the black market.

Restriction: The restriction rating for the object, if any, and the appropriate black market purchase DC modifier. Remember to apply this modifier to the purchase DC when making a Wealth check to acquire the item on the black market.

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