Lifestyle items include travel expenses, entertainment and meals beyond the ordinary, and housing, for those characters interested in buying a home rather than renting. Lifestyle items are shown on the table below.


Housing Purchase DC
Small condo 28
Large condo 30
Small house 30
Medium house 32
Large house 34
Mansion 36
Lodging Purchase DC
Budget motel 7
Average hotel 9
Upscale hotel 11

A number of types of homes are mentioned in Lifestyle. The purchase DC covers the down payment, not the total cost of the home. (A character buying a home does not have to worry about mortgage payments; they simply replace the hero’s rent, which is already accounted for in the Wealth system) The small house and condo are one- or two-bedroom homes, probably with curbside parking. The large condo and medium house are three-bedroom homes with garage or carport parking for one or two cars. The large house is a four-bedroom home with a two-car garage, while the mansion is a five- or six-bedroom home with an extra den, spacious rooms throughout, and a three-car garage. All of these homes are of typical construction; luxury appointments or avant garde design is available with a +2 increase to the purchase DC.

Location dramatically affects a home’s value. The given purchase DC assumes a typical suburban location. An undesirable location, such as a bad neighborhood or a remote rural site, reduces the purchase DC by 2. A particularly good location in an upscale neighborhood or city center increases the purchase DC by 2.


Purchase DCs are given for several entertainment options. They represent the purchase of a single ticket. A pair of tickets can be purchased together; doing so increases the purchase DC by 2.

Entertainment Purchase DC
Movie ticket 3
Theater ticket 7
Sporting event ticket 7


Several typical meal costs are provided. The cost of picking up the tab for additional diners adds +2 per person to the purchase DC.

Meals Purchase DC
Fast food 2
Family restaurant 4
Upscale restaurant 7
Fancy restaurant 9


Airfare tickets are for a single passenger round trip. One-way tickets are available, but only reduce the purchase DC by 2. Car rentals and lodging rates are per day.

Transportation Purchase DC
Domestic, coach 14
Domestic, first class 17
International, coach 18
International, first class 22
Car rental
Economy car 6
Mid-size or truck 8
Luxury 10
Screen printing