The broad spectrum of services available to characters is only represented in overview here. Services are identified on Table:Services.

Item Purchase DC
Auto repair
1 to 10 hp damage 15
11 to 20 hp damage 18
21 to 30 hp damage 21
30+ hp damage 24
Towing 8
Bail bonds
Property crime 13
Assault crime 16
Death crime 22
Bouncer 6
Bureaucrat 10
Informant 7
Police officer 10
Legal services
Attorney 10 + lawyer’s Knowledge (civics) ranks
Medical services
Long-term care 10
Restore hit points 12
Surgery 15
Treat poison/disease 10

Auto Repair

Having a car repaired can be expensive; how expensive depends on the amount of damage the vehicle has suffered. The purchase DCs for damage repair assume the vehicle has not actually been disabled; if it has, increase the purchase DC by +3. Repair generally takes 1 day for every 10 hit points of damage dealt, and results in the vehicle being returned to full hit points.

Bail Bonds

Characters jailed for crimes can seek bail. Bail is a monetary guarantee that the suspect will show up for his trial. The bail amount is set by a judge or magistrate, sometimes immediately following arrest (for minor crimes) and sometimes days later (for serious crimes). If bail is granted, a character can arrange for a bail bond—a loan that covers bail. The purchase DCs represent the fees associated with the loan; the bond itself is paid back to the bond agency when the hero shows up for trial. If the hero fails to show up, the agency loses the bail loan, and may send bounty hunters or other thugs after the character.

Bail amounts vary dramatically, depending on the seriousness of the crime, the suspect’s criminal history, his or her role in society, his or her family life, and other factors the judge believes indicate that the character will or will not flee (or commit other crimes) before the trial. An upstanding citizen with a good job and a family who has never before been charged with a crime gets minimal bail; a career criminal with nothing to lose gets maximum bail or may not be granted bail at all. The purchase DCs shown assume the suspect is viewed positively by the court. If not, increase the purchase DC by as much as 5. Whatever the base purchase DC, a successful Diplomacy check (DC 15) by the suspect reduces the purchase DC by 2.

Property Crime: The crime involved only the destruction of property; no one was attacked or seriously hurt as part of the crime.

Assault Crime: The crime involved an attack intended to capture, kill, or seriously injure the victim.

Death Crime: Someone died as a result of the crime.

Medical Services

A character’s medical insurance is built into his or her Wealth bonus; the purchase DCs represent the ancillary expenses not covered, or only partly covered, by insurance. Medical services must be paid for in full regardless of whether they are successful. See the Treat Injury skill for more information on the medical services described below.

In a hospital setting, the necessary Treat Injury checks are always successful. The purchase DC is per check.

Long-Term Care: The purchase DC represents treatment for regaining hit points or ability score points more quickly than normal on a given day.

Restore Hit Points: The purchase DC represents treatment for hit point damage from wounds or injuries on a given day.

Surgery: The purchase DC represents the cost of a single surgical procedure.

Poison/Disease: The purchase DC represents one application of treatment for a poison or disease.

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