Simple Weapons

Weapon Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment Size Weight Purchase DC Restriction
Brass knuckles 1 20 Bludgeoning Tiny 1 lb. 5
Cleaver 1d6 19–20 Slashing Small 2 lb. 5
Club 1d6 20 Bludgeoning 10 ft. Med 3 lb. 4
Knife 1d4 19–20 Piercing 10 ft. Tiny 1 lb. 7
Metal baton 1d6 19–20 Bludgeoning Med 2 lb. 8
Pistol whip 1d4 20 Bludgeoning Small
Rifle butt 1d6 20 Bludgeoning Large
Sap 1d61 20 Bludgeoning Small 3 lb. 2
Stun gun1 1d3 20 Electricity Tiny 1 lb. 5
Tonfa1 1d4 20 Bludgeoning Med 2 lb. 6
1 See the description of this weapon for special rules.

Generally inexpensive and light in weight, simple weapons get the job done nevertheless.

Brass Knuckles

These pieces of molded metal fit over the outside of a character’s fingers and allow him or her to deal lethal damage with an unarmed strike instead of nonlethal damage. A strike with brass knuckles is otherwise considered an unarmed attack.

When used by a character with the Brawl feat, brass knuckles increase the base damage dealt by an unarmed strike by +1 and turn the damage into lethal damage.

The cost and weight given are for a single item.


Heavy kitchen knives can be snatched up for use as weapons in homes and restaurants. These weapons are essentially similar to the twin butterfly swords used in some kung fu styles.


Almost anything can be used as a club. This entry represents the wooden nightsticks sometimes carried by police forces.


This category of weapon includes hunting knives, butterfly or “balisong” knives, switchblades, and bayonets (when not attached to rifles). A character can select the Weapon Finesse feat to apply his or her Dexterity modifier instead of Strength modifier to attack rolls with a knife.

Metal Baton

This weapon can be collapsed to reduce its size and increase its concealability. A collapsed baton is Small and can’t be used as a weapon. Extending or collapsing the baton is a free action.

Pistol Whip

Using a pistol as a melee weapon can deal greater damage than attacking unarmed. No weight or purchase DC is given for this weapon, since both vary depending on the pistol used.

Rifle Butt

The butt of a rifle can be used as an impromptu club.


This weapon, essentially a smaller version of a club, deals nonlethal damage instead of lethal damage.

Stun Gun

Although the name suggests a ranged weapon, a stun gun requires physical contact to affect its target. (The taser is a ranged weapon with a similar effect.) On a successful hit, the stun gun deals 1d3 points of electricity damage, (do not add the character’s Strength bonus) and the target must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 15) or be paralyzed for 1d6 rounds.


This is the melee weapon carried by most police forces, used to subdue and restrain criminals. A character can deal nonlethal damage with a tonfa without taking the usual –4 penalty.

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