Splash Weapons

Weapon Direct Hit Damage Splash Damage Critical2 Damage Type Reflex DC Range Increment Size Weight Purchase DC Restriction
Acid, mild 1d6 1 20 Acid 10 ft. Tiny 1 lb. 6
Molotov cocktail1 1d6 1 20 Fire 10 ft. Small 1 lb. 3
1 This weapon cannot be purchased as an item; the purchase DC given is for the weapon’s components.
2 Threat range applies to direct hits only; splash damage does not threaten a critical hit.

Many splash weapons, such as Molotov cocktails, are essentially homemade devices (improvised explosives). The purchase DC given in Table: Explosives and Splash Weapons reflects the typical cost of the necessary components. See the Craft (chemical) skill for details on making improvised explosives.

Acid, Mild

A character can throw a flask of acid as a grenadelike weapon. A flask is made of ceramic, metal, or glass (depending on the substance it has to hold), with a tight stopper, and holds about 1 pint of liquid. This entry represents any mild caustic substance. Acid may be purchased in many places, including hardware stores.

Molotov Cocktail

A Molotov cocktail is a flask containing a flammable liquid, plugged with a rag. A Molotov cocktail is easily made by hand (Craft [chemical] check DC 10 or Intelligence check DC 15). The purchase DC given is for the components. To use it, the rag must first be lit, requiring a move action (and a lighter or other source of flame). The cocktail detonates in 2 rounds or on impact with a solid object, whichever comes first. A target that takes a direct hit is dealt an additional 1d6 points of fire damage in the following round and risks catching on fire.

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