Force Stop

Prerequisites: Drive 4 ranks, Vehicle Expert.

Benefit: When the character attempts a sideswipe stunt with a surface vehicle, the character can force the other vehicle to a stop by nudging it into a controlled side­ways skid. In addition to the normal requirements for attempting a sideswipe stunt, the character must have sufficient movement remaining to move a number of squares equal to the character’s turn number.

After succeeding on the check to attempt the sideswipe, the character makes a Drive check opposed by the other driver. If the character succeeds, turn the other vehicle 90 degrees across the front of the character’s, so that they form a tee. Move them forward a distance equal to the character’s turn number. The vehicles end their movement at that location, at stationary speed, and take their normal sideswipe damage.

If the character fails the check, resolve the sideswipe normally.

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