Swallow Whole (Ex)

If the creature begins its turn with an opponent held in its mouth (see improved grab), it can attempt a new grapple check (as though attempting to pin the opponent). If it succeeds, it swallows its opponent and deals bite damage. Unless noted otherwise, the opponent can be up to one size category smaller than the swallowing creature.

Being swallowed has various consequences depending on the creature, but a swallowed opponent is considered grappled, while the creature is not. A swallowed opponent can try to cut its way free with any light piercing or slashing weapon (the amount of cutting damage required to get free is noted in the creature’s descriptive text), or it can just try to escape the grapple. If the swallowed opponent chooses the latter course, success puts it back in the creature’s mouth, where it may be bitten or swallowed again.

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