Wealth Bonus

To determine a character’s starting Wealth bonus, roll 2d4 and add the wealth bonus for the character’s starting occupation, plus (if appropriate) the bonus from the Windfall feat, plus 1 if the character has ranks in Profession.

Over the course of play, the hero’s Wealth bonus will decrease as the hero purchases expensive items and increase as the hero gains levels.

A character’s Wealth bonus can never fall below +0, and there is no limit to how high the Wealth bonus can climb.

Since Wealth is an abstract concept, it’s sometimes difficult to determine how financially well off a character is. To get a general sense of how financially solvent a character is at any given time, check the table below.

Wealth Bonus Financial Condition
+0 Impoverished or in debt
+1 to +4 Struggling
+5 to +10 Middle class
+11 to +15 Affluent
+16 to +20 Wealthy
+21 to +30 Rich
+31 or higher Very rich
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