Ultralight Starship Subtypes

Ultralight ships cover most small spacecraft, including fighters, cutters, launches, and couriers.

An ultralight starship can be up to 250 feet long. It occupies a 250-foot-by-250-foot fighting space, and up to four ultralight starships can occupy a single 500-foot square. Due to their relatively small size, ultralight starships can form into wings (see Ultralight Starship Wings).

In addition, all ultralight starships share the following design specs.

Engines: All ultralight starships have thrusters. In addition, ships of PL 6 or higher have one other type of engine (see Starship Engines).

Armor: An ultralight ship has one type of armor (see Starship Armor).

Defensive Systems: An ultralight starship has a maximum of one defensive system per 3 Hit Dice (see Starship Defense Systems).

Sensors: An ultralight starship has a maximum of two sensor systems (see Starship Sensors).

Communications: An ultralight starship has a maximum of two external communication systems (see Starship Comm Systems).

Weapons: An ultralight starship has one beam, projectile, or missile weapon per 3 Hit Dice (see Starship Weapons). These weapons are often fire-linked. An ultralight ship cannot be armed with mines.

Grappling Systems: An ultralight starship may have up to two grappling systems (see Grappling Systems). Each grappling system takes away one of the ship’s weapon slots (see above).

Ultralight Ship Descriptions

Specific subtypes of ultralight starships are given here.

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