Starship Weapons

Starship weapons fall into one of four categories: beam weapons, projectile weapons, missiles, and mines. Each category of weapon is described in greater detail below.

Starship weapons require the Starship Gunnery feat to operate proficiently. Without this feat, a gunner takes a –4 penalty on attack rolls made with starship weapons. Trained, expert, and ace crew gunners are assumed to have this feat.

To build a starship weapon system from scratch, a character must succeed at a Craft (mechanical) check (DC 30) after investing 300 hours in its assembly. A character without a mechanical tool kit takes a –4 penalty on the skill check. The character must also make a Wealth check against the weapon’s purchase DC. Installing a weapon system requires a successful Craft (mechanical) check (DC 30) after investing 30 hours. A character without a mechanical tool kit takes a –4 penalty on the skill check.

Modifying Weapons: Certain beam and projectile weapons—as noted in Table: Starship Weapons—can be modified for different rates of fire. With 1 hour of work and a successful Repair check (DC 30), these weapons can be reconfigured for semiautomatic or automatic fire mode. (Resetting a weapon to its original configuration requires another check and 1 hour.) Weapons can be purchased in their modified versions, but the purchase DC of a modified weapon increases by +3.

Average Weapon Damage

Some starship weapons (particularly fire-linked weapons) deal incredible damage. To speed up play, you can decide to deal average damage with weapon attacks instead of rolling handfuls of dice and adding them up. Table: Starship Weapons lists average damage in parentheses in the Damage column.

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